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  • Summer FIT Challenge – Win a Trip to Europe

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  • Summer Promotions and Celebrities

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  • FIT Frequently Asked Questions

      FIT Webinar: Living a Fit Lifestyle Jody Whipple talks about living a Fit lifestyle no matter how busy you are. Jody is a certified diabetes counselor, a registered dietitian, a professor at Penn State University, runs a successful private practice, and has two beautiful children. Jody is extremely busy, yet she's ... read more ...

  • Going Pro – In and Out of the Gym in 34min

    With the beginning of Quarter Two and temperatures rising, the professional business world is picking up the pace just as fast. My business world is no different, but I know that one powerful way to stay effective and creative is to keep exercising regularly at least 4 times per week. I ... read more ...

Athlete Starting LineGetting Fit Body is Easier Than You Think…

Discover TNI FIT Body Composition System

TNI FIT is NOT a weight loss system. It's about achieving your ideal body composition and feeling good everyday! And the best part - IT WORKS!

Get ready to be a 5-percenter.

The Official TNI FIT Website offers exercise plans, healthy food guides and recipes, plus calorie-specific menus - all with no sign up required!

TNI Fit Body Composition System is the most comprehensive body composition program available today. The revolutionary new FIT products are:

  • FIT Reset (Cleansing Formula) – Detoxify and gently cleanse your body
  • FIT Restore (Powerful Probiotic) – Fortify your body with good bacteria
  • FIT Replenish (Balanced Multi-Vitamin) – Fill in the nutrient gaps
  • FIT Rebuild (Power Protein Shake) – Build and tone lean muscle
  • FIT Reduce (Fat-Flushing Formula) – Remove fat from your body
  • FIT Resist (Super Snack bars) – Curb hunger cravings during the day

Fit is based on a powerful, well-documented, bioactive, medicinal plant called Morinda Citrifolia (Noni). Unlike Acai or Goji, Tahitian Noni contains balancing phytochemicals called Iridoids.

Iridoids have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful free radicals, help maintain healthy HDL cholesterol at already normal levels, increase energy, promote heart health, enhance the immune system, and protect cells.

Tahitian Noni FIT is the only Medically endorsed all Natural System on the market and is backed by over $200M in Human Clinical Studies and Research. It takes the Wholistic approach that emphasizes proper nutrition and exercise. Fit is about achieving ideal body composition and feeling good everyday.

Fit Introduction Video Iridoids Video TAHITIAN NONI Video

Take advantage of the valuable free content like BMI calculators and ready-to-use plans.
ORDER your FIT today and visit the official FIT Body Composition System website.



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